The skills I have learned in the nonprofit sector complement those gained in other professional roles. Recently, I created a diagram to illustrate what I saw as the core strengths and abilities resulting from my diverse experiences. They fall into 3 main categories: Innovation & Transition, Analysis & Implementation and Presentation & Instruction. Click on my MINDMAP to see the full chart.

Whether I am working to support philanthropy, build a nonprofit from the ground up or collaborate with leaders to solve organizational problems, I bring these skills, acquired over many years, to the task. 

BUCKET LIST: I want to serve on a corporate board. With my background in board service, development, education, finance, strategic planning and advocacy, and as a female, I believe I would bring value and an informed voice to a growing business.



The logo above was created by Jennifer Braham, the talented owner of Brink Creative. During the design process, we had many wide-ranging talks and one day I told her about traveling to Hiroshima, Japan, a community that took a symbol from a time of destruction and turned it into a powerful message of peace.

The story of the 1000 Origami Cranes, and the young girl, Sadako, who hoped to sustain her life by making them, inspired children all over the world to support her. Still today, enormous bundles of colorful paper origami cranes are sent to Hiroshima and hang from the trees throughout the property where the atomic bomb struck in 1945. Jennifer listened carefully to my story and then said, “OK, cranes it is.” 

I love this logo, the way the bird flies through the darkness, into the magical wonder of letters and finally into a sky, bright with clouds. It perfectly depicts the journey of my life.

At Rodman & Associates we assist our clients in identifying their philanthropic priorities and help them research giving options, choose the best strategy and evaluate results. We work with private philanthropists or families, financial advisors, corporate giving programs and nonprofit organizations. Our reach is local, national and global. We are dedicated to lifting up philanthropy through education and information. See the Resource Center and News tabs on the Rodman & Associates web site to learn more. If you would like us to help you become more engaged in effective philanthropy, please contact me at:

BUCKET LIST: I want to work with multiple generations in a family, offering philanthropic support over time as the generations collectively teach, lead and inspire one another.

“I had the good fortune to work with Joy Selak in the design, implementation & eventual operation of the Austin nonprofit, A Legacy of Giving. We were strangers brought together for this unique project. During this time, it was a pleasure to watch Joy wear multiple hats. She is a creative thinker, not afraid to take calculated risks always within the context of team ownership. Joy understands leadership & practices leading with heart & head. She gets things done while bringing out the best in others. Colleagues, whether staff, volunteers or board members look up to her as she inspires confidence & radiates respect. Communication is a strength; Joy writes & speaks effortlessly, understanding & connecting with her audience. Her skills & varied experiences would be a gift to any organization.”

Judith Knotts, Author, Homeless Advocate & CEO Coach Vistage Group

Engaging in all forms of communication transports me to ideas bigger than myself. From my doctoral dissertation on The Image of the Family in Young Adult Literature, to a K-12 language arts curriculum called the ‘Blueprint for Communication’. From acting and singing in community theatre to writing an original play. Through columns and video interviews and a blog site, to a book for people who are told You Don't LOOK Sick, I’ve used my writing to reach higher. I still have a lifetime of writing and many books in me.

BUCKET LIST: I want to connect with readers young and old with my novel, CeeGee’s Gift, the story of friendship between a young girl and an old man and how they learn what it means to be gifted.