"Our job here on earth is to discover 

our gifts and learn how to give them. Everyone has gifts to share."  

                                                 CeeGee's Gift                                                  

Diverse employment & service in private & non-profit sectors
Expertise in philanthropy, finance, education, arts & health care
Published author & experienced public speaker
Skilled in leadership, development & strategic planning
Self-directed, adaptive, collaborative & creative

“I’ve learned that having a chronic illness... does not mean that I am useless and no longer have any gifts to share, but it may mean that I must develop some new ones.”

                          You Don't LOOK Sick!

            Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness 

"Very rarely do we meet someone with such a rich set of experiences: educator, curriculum writer, stockbroker, writer, speaker, philanthropist & singer. It is even more rare to find such a strong entrepreneurial drive in someone with her list of accomplishments. Joy is a careful listener with a sharp intellect, offers great insight & opinions & is able to challenge the status quo with grace. Her enthusiasm rivals that of any Silicon Valley wonder kid, but unlike those peers, her focus on strategic planning & her commitment to philanthropy make her a true Joy!”

Tom & Deb Feo, Principals & Co-Founders, Healthcare Control Systems, Inc.