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JoyWrites is the story of my life.

My JoyWrites logo depicts a crane flying across the darkness, through the magical wonder of letters and into a blue sky, bright with clouds.

This illustrates what writing has always been for me, gathering letters to make words, shaping the words into stories and always looking for the positive, the bright blue sky. When I sit in a crowded space filled with people I see stories all around me. I’ve written through every class and life event, and then taught others to write.


As a financial advisor, I worked with many clients, helping create the script so their lifetime dreams could come true. But then, illness started a new chapter for me, one I turned into a book to support patients as they navigated the choppy waters of long-term illness. And then I wrote another book about friendship and the power of kindness and generosity to change a community.

Now, as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, I’m fortunate to build partnerships with others trying do good in the world - whether through their family, business or nonprofit organization. It is as if every strand of my life has braided together into a focus on those 3 C’s: Creativity, Communication and Compassion.

My experiences have taught me to find the positive path forward and search for the good I can do. My life is still all about the stories.