You Don’t LOOK Sick! Living Well With Invisible Chronic Illness is a collection of 12 true stories based on my experience with long-term chronic illness. They are common to many who live with invisible illness. Each story is supported by Dr. Overman’s own experience working with patients as they move through the 4 phases of chronic illness—Getting Sick, Being Sick, Grief and Acceptance and Living Well. This collection of stories, anecdotes, tips, and strategies provide a guide for patients and caregivers in taking positive steps forward and beginning to weave a web of wellness in their lives. 

I’ve learned that having a chronic illness... does not mean that I am useless and no longer have any gifts to share, but it may mean that I must develop some new ones.
— Joy Selak, You Don't LOOK Sick! Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness

In 2017, I was honored to spend a weekend with an outstanding organization, Songwriting With: Soldiers. At their retreats they pair military veterans with professional songwriters to compose songs about their often traumatic experiences. I was invited to be a join them for a weekend and compose a song with the talented singer/songwriter Georgia Middleman

Listen to our song titled You Don't LOOK Sick

What people are saying

A poignant and easy-to-read journey of a person afflicted with a chronic illness, her struggle to come to terms with her disease, and her acceptance of and adaptation to it....This book combines the difficult lessons learned with humor and with more grace than I could imagine mustering...[and] will be very helpful to many of my patients going on the same journey.
— Bob Crittenden, MD, MPH, Chief of Family Medicine, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington
Inspiring and insightful...overcoming the fear, loneliness and life-changing consequences of chronic illness is an achievable and essential goal for everyone as they work to restore their lives.
— John H. Klippel, MD, President and CEO, Arthritis Foundation
Shows readers how to transform the trauma of chronic illness into a life of acceptance, purpose, and gratitude....A must-read for sufferers like myself, for those who care for them, and for those who love them.
— Toni Bernhard, author, How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill & Their Caregivers