Small Gifts Matter

10. Small Gifts Matter.jpeg

People who give the big gifts get their name on a building, or a wall, or at the top of the list in a program brochure. They get special seats, and special parking and all kinds of special perks. But would community needs be met without the multitude of small donors? And are these small givers appreciated for their loyalty and the needs they collectively meet?

On the flip side, as donors, do we take the time to give the small gift when the large one is not within our capacity, and do we know how much it means to offer this support? Do we bring along other small donors to the cause, knowing that a multitude of small gifts can become a very big one? Multiple gifts of under $100 often add up to critical operating support for many organizations.

In my novel CeeGee’s Gift there are many examples of the power of small kindnesses. CeeGee’s mother helps her friend plan a funeral after her son’s accidental death. CeeGee’s father, and other men in the community, make a wheelchair ramp for a disabled teen. CeeGee helps out a family as the ailing mother approaches end of life. Every 4thof July the students of Southport collectively assemble and take down the favorite community float. And Mr. Tindale, with no children of his own, makes sure the graduates of Southport High School have a chance to go to college.

As an individual, look around you at the people, the organizations and the issues you care about. Look at the good work being done, and the problems being solved and please share your generosity at whatever level is comfortable for you. Let those spending every day in the trenches working on important issues know that you are paying attention and that you appreciate their efforts. Let’s all celebrate what it can mean to give your gifts. Tell me about yours.