Corporate Giving is Trending Up

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I have three values I try to put front and center in my life. I call them the Three C’s – Creativity, Communication and Compassion. Fortunately, in addition to my writing, I am honored serve as a philanthropic advisor with Rodman & Associates, a professional advisory firm, where these values come into play with each of my clients as they strategize how they can make their generosity more effective or better communicate the mission that they serve. I get to work every day with people who have a service heart, who are called to make their community, or world, better for others. 

This week, I have the opportunity to share the efforts of my colleague, Lisa Rodman, the founder and principal of Rodman & Associates. For the past five years Lisa has conducted a survey of corporate giving in Central Texas. The results inform how businesses are supporting community needs, how trends in giving are moving, the measurement strategies that are being used and the many ways that employers and employees are engaging with area nonprofits. Central Texas businesses can use this report to see how well they fit in with the corporate philanthropic climate, and businesses moving to the area can use this report to see where they might join a generous community and continue to make our region better for all. This year more than 150 companies participated, and several new questions were added to the survey. Here are a few of the findings:

  • Corporate giving budgets continue to trend upward, with 43% increasing and 36.5% stable.

  • 60% of companies encourage and/or organize volunteer programs for their employees.

  • The key drivers for corporate giving are community altruism, goodwill and reinforcing workplace culture.

  • 45% of companies employed specific efforts to support to Central Texas flood victims last year.

  • When asked about possible negative impacts to their corporate giving, more than three fourths of respondents surveyed said there are no downsides to corporate philanthropy.

Corporate giving can take many forms, from cash gifts, to volunteering, to in kind donations and any combination of these. Understanding how these decisions are being made and executed can help all of us to do a better job of supporting community needs. I am proud to be a Rodman Associate and part of the effort to help Central Texas expand and improve its generosity.

Please join in the effort, we’re trending upward!